Dear customer,

thank You for checking out my Kemper profiles.

Before You make a decision and by any chance buy some of my profiles, please, listen to all demos I posted on soundcloud and Youtube first.

Listen to demos even for a couple of days just to be 100% sure in your decision to buy and not to rush it.

Also download some free profiles I posted on Kemper forum in the thread Free Rigs so You can even try them yourself.

Or download a few profiles from this link below

Click here to download free profiles

Maybe You liked the demos but You will not like the profile when You use it.

Kemper is an incredible piece of gear but every profile will sound a bit different in the hands of other player.

A different guitar, pickups, strings, the way a player play and all the settings of his guitars will affect the sound just a bit.

Also Pickup height, strings height etc.

So don't be suprised if it doesn't sound 100% the same as in my demos.

In 99% I used EMG (81, 57, HET SET) humbuckers for making profiles.

These are not VST plugins.These are Kemper profiles, my presets, the sound of a guitar tone that I like.

You're not buying a real amp, pedal, cab or mic etc...just a captured sound of a recorded/miced cabinet.

My profiles do not sound like an amp in the room sound. Or your own amp.

My profiles usually covers high gain territory. And unfortunatelly, I don't know how to help You achieve Your favorite tone from Your favorite band with my profiles.

So at the end you're buying the gtr sound ( Kemper profile/preset ) I made with gear I used to recreate the sound of pedals, amps, eq's and miced cabs with mic preamps etc. The whole signal chain. Just a snapshot of a sweet spot that was good for me.

I'll even go further and tweak the sound with Kemper just to achieve the sound I hear in my head.

Usually I can't get exact tone I want (hear in my head ) only with a gtr into a pedal into head and cab. So, external hardwer eq's help a lot for more tone shaping. In front of amp and in fx loop if amp has it and after miced cabs too. Summing it all in a DAW for more  tone polishing.

Like I wrote above you might not like it once you try it with your gear, so please, check demos or free profiles first.

Also, if You finally decide to buy a pack, You will receive it via Your email as soon as possible, it might take even a few hours until I see, because I send packs manually by hand.

It is not automatic process.

If you don't wish to wait, please don't buy.

The format that profiles are packed in are RAR or ZIP, so be sure to have free software to unpack it.

I apoligize but sending you the pack via USB to your address or sending them 1 by 1 to your email is not possible.

You need Kemper profiling amp (hardware) in order to use these profiles.

And from time to time I discontinue some of my packs to make room for new ones or different kind offerings like I wanna try with Line 6 HX STOMP presets now.

I always keep my store at 25 products 'cause that's the MAX for me.

And that's the reason if you can't find those packs anymore for purchasing as well as their demos.

This should cover enough info regarding my stuff before you make a purchase.

Best regards!